We want to keep everyone safe and our neighbors happy.

For this…please DO NOT park on the traveled part of the road.

Please park in the driveway first, unless you have to leave early. Try to squeeze in (move right up to the garage doors) to stay off the road. Four cars can be parked along side of the house and four fit in front of garage doors.

Feel free to park on the grass, either next to the garage or in front of the house. If you cannot park at our house then please park on the gravel driveway kitty corner from our driveway. There is a green & white construction building. Please keep the access to that building open.

Sorry for all the rules. We have found them necessary to keep folks safe and to keep the peace.

Thank you for your help!

Come on into the house for use of the bathroom and/or water. The bathroom is located to the left once you enter the kitchen. We have two friendly dogs, Chai and Satori, who will probably bark when you enter. Please do not let the dogs outside during class. Thank you.
Diane Mariano 20 Duxbury Road Richmond, VT 05477 calendar: Phone: 802-434-3576