Class Descriptions

All classes are open to all levels and experience to create a community event.

Aerial Yoga:                                                                                               cost: contribution
This is a yoga class using a suspended hammock as a prop. By being supported by the hammock you will experience your body and its relationship to gravity in new ways. Please wear longer sleeves and longer shorts/pants for your comfort and for the longevity of the hammocks. Class size is limited to 7.  First come first served or you can contact me to reserve a hammock,  Thank you.

AromaYoga: Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Essential Oils            cost: $40
It is my pleasure to partner with Marcie Taff to create a monthly 2 hour restorative yoga class. While resting in a gentle yoga position Reiki (a Japanese healing system) is received through touch. Essential oils are applied to further enhance the healing experience. This is a delightful class and a gift to give yourself.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation:                                                                      cost: contribution
Each class is unique with a variety of gentle yoga styles practiced, such as Yin, Gentle, and Restorative yoga. The physical practice is then followed with 20-30 minutes of meditation, either seated or reclined. Slow mindful movements and meditation are a great combination for de-stressing and for rejuvenating. For those who wish, soup is offered in our house afterwards.

Feldenkrais:                                                                                               cost: see Uwe
It is my honor to have Uwe Mester here to teach a whole host of different Feldenkrais classes. Body awareness is gained, both consciously and unconsciously, through gentle intentional movements. Your first class is free. Please check out his website for more details:

Yoga Flow:                                                                                                   cost: contribution
This class is simply yoga postures (asanas) connected with breath. It is a dance of movement and stillness, spurred by music, to help transform and balance the body and mind.