My yoga journey began with a free Kripalu class in 1998 at the Richmond Free Library with Pat Weaver.  From that moment, I was hooked.

Here is the summary of my training…

2002    YogaKids w/ Marsha Wenig (300 hrs)
2003    Interdisciplinary Yoga w/ Don & Amba Stapleton (200 hrs)
2004    Embodying the Flow w/ Shiva Rae (35 hrs)
2004    Restorative Yoga Teacher Training w/ Sudha Carolyn Lundeen (20 hrs)
2006    Thai Yoga Certification w/ Jonas Westring (70 hrs)
2010    Inner Quest for the Yoga Educator w/ Don & Amba Stapleton (100 hrs)
2011    Self Awakening Yoga w/ Don & Amba Stapleton (100 hrs)
2013    Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training w/ Michelle Dortignac (8 day training)

Sprinkled in there, and not listed, are various workshops, either attended locally, at Kripalu, or at Omega.  I have my full Reiki Master’s training and additional experience with Yin Yoga, Partner Yoga, and classes in spirituality.

There are many aspects to yoga that I love.   I guess the most important for me right now is that it “puts me back together”.  Simply living life pulls and reforms us, sometimes not in the direction of health & happiness.  Yoga lets me get into who I am and realigns me, not just physically.

My intent in teaching is to guide others so that they may find greater health & happiness.